I am a father, husband, son and depending who you ask, an assh@le too-though Im working on that one. I am a proud carpenter by trade and that work in itself can bring on pain at this point in my 40s. But though my other career choice is very strenuous I suffer from extreme pain due to a car accident in 2016.


I was sleeping in the passenger seat of our vehicle with no seatbelt. My girlfriend at the time lost control and hit a tree head on. I woke up in ICU and it was the most painful experience of my life. The glass nearly scalped me completely, it was flapping around afterwards while walking to get help (I don’t remember, I was told). C-5, C-7 crushed discs invited new composite hardware and cadaver bone into my life.


I’m grateful for many things post car accident. One being alive in a time of advanced medical technology and the obvious– my life and being able to walk.


I am not only a vendor but an advocate for this amazing plant. I am one that believes in natural pain relief as my go to option first. The products we offer are lab tested and our attention to detail is superior. We have gummies that taste better than any others out there and we can comfortably say that.. We can design any flavor imaginable. Our extract tastes the best hands down and our capsules and powder reflect our approach to quality.


I invite you to try our products out and see for yourself.

Here’s to being pain free!


Kris, Owner of Kratom PNW